Run successful campaigns by lobbying MPs

Modern campaigning is built on data. With the online world becoming ever busier and politicians being lobbied via a plethora of sources, it can be difficult to get your messages heard.

Public opinion is an import method for leveraging support from MPs and Government for your campaigns. With the right data, you can influence leaders through the people that vote for them.

Prater Raines Ltd have built a list of the contact details for every major politician in the UK (updated for the recent General Election). For £20pcm +VAT you can access that data via our dedicated API to use in your campaigns.

We can also develop and deploy a bespoke microsite to support your campaigning for as little as £1,000 +VAT. We’ve developed sites for campaigns that have sent tens of thousands of emails to MPs and cabinet ministers. We can help you to make a real impact.

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